Design Principles

Cisco has developed the Plan-Design-Implement-Operate-Optimize (PDIOO) network life cycle to describe the multiple phases through which a network passes. This life cycle is illustrated in Figure 1-2, and the phases are briefly described as follows:

• Plan phase The detailed network requirements are identified, and the existing network is reviewed.

• Design phase The network is designed according to the initial requirements and additional data gathered during analysis of the existing network. The design is refined with the client.

• Implement phase The network is built according to the approved design.

• Operate phase The network is operational and is being monitored. This phase is the ultimate test of the design.

• Optimize phase During this phase, issues are detected and corrected, either before problems arise or, if no problems are found, after a failure has occurred. Redesign might be required if too many problems exist.

• Retirement phase Although not part of the PDIOO acronym, this phase is necessary when part of the network is outdated or is no longer required.

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