We would like to thank many people for helping us put this book together:

The Cisco Press team: We are very fortunate to be working once again with a great team at Cisco Press . . . we hope someday to actually meet you! Many thanks to Brett Bartow, for initiating this project and guiding us through the process to completion. (We must admit, though, that it is good to be near the end!) Thanks to Drew Cupp, for his usual invaluable suggestions, eye for detail, and quick responses to our many queries. We would also like to thank San Dee Phillips, the project editor, and John Edwards, the copy editor, for their excellent work in steering this book through the editorial process. Also, many thanks to Tim Wright for always doing a great indexing job.

The technical reviewers: We would like to thank the technical reviewers of this bookAmir Ranjbar, Shawn Boyd, and Keith Huttonfor their usual thorough, detailed review and very valuable input. It's great to be working with you all again!

Our families: Of course, this book would not have been possible without the constant understanding, patience, and tolerance of our families. They have always been there to motivate and inspire us. We thank you all.

Each other: Last but not least, this book is a product of work by two friends, which made it even more of a pleasure (or, as Catherine says, less of a pain ©) to complete.

We would also like to thank Tim Szigeti of Cisco Systems for his QoS work, and his willingness to share it and answer our queries.



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