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Shawn Boyd is a senior network consultant for ARP Technologies Inc. Shawn has worldwide experience consulting on many different projects such as security/VoIP for Cisco Systems Israel, intrusion prevention for Top Layer Networks of Boston, and DSL infrastructure rollout for Telus Canada. Shawn is also active in course development and is a certified Cisco Systems instructor with ARP Technologies Inc., responsible for teaching most of the Cisco curriculum. His background is in network security and design at a service provider level. He has worked for Canada's largest telco providers, performing network designs and implementations, and was lead contact on many large government contracts.

Keith Hutton is a senior network consultant at Bell Canada, where he is responsible for the design of client service solutions. Prior to joining Bell, he held the position of senior Cisco network administrator at Magma Communications Ltd. Keith has also worked as a certified Cisco Systems instructor with Global Knowledge Canada. He is the coauthor of the Cisco Press book CCDP Self-Study: Designing Cisco Network Architectures (ARCH). Keith currently holds the certified Cisco Systems instructor, CCNP, and CCDP certifications.

Amir Ranjbar, CCIE No. 8669, works as a consultant and trainer in the field of information technology in his own corporation, AMIRACAN Inc. AMIRACAN's major client is Global Knowledge Network, where Amir worked as a full-time instructor until October 2005. Amir obtained his Master of Science degree in 1991 from the

University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada). He also is a certified Cisco Systems instructor. After spending a few years in the field of computer programming, Amir joined Digital Equipment Corporation's Learning Services to do training on Microsoft's operating systems and back office products. Since 1998, Amir has switched his focus to Cisco Systems products and has been training many professionals from service provider and telecommunications companies on routing protocols, LAN switching, remote access, troubleshooting, MPLS VPNs, MPLS traffic engineering, voice over IP, and other subjects. Amir authored CCNP Self-Study: CCNP CITExam Certification Guide, Second Edition, and coauthored CCDP Self-Study: Designing Cisco Network Architectures (ARCH) for Cisco Press.


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