Neighbor prefixlist

To distribute BGP neighbor information as specified in a prefix-list, use the neighbor prefix-list router configuration command.

■ neighbor {ip-address | peer-group-name} prefix-list prefix-listname {in | out} To remove an entry, use the no form of this command.

■ no neighbor {ip-address | peer-group-name} prefix-list prefix-listname {in | out} Syntax Description




IP address of neighbor


Name of a BGP peer group


Name of a prefix-list


Access-list is applied to incoming advertisements to that neighbor


Access-list is applied to outgoing advertisements from that neighbor

Note A BGP peer group is a group of BGP neighbors with the same update policies. Route-maps, distribute-lists, filter-lists, and so on usually set update policies. Instead of defining the same policies for each separate neighbor, a peer group name is configured on the router, and these policies are assigned to the peer group. BGP peer groups are discussed in a later module.

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