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• The route selection process takes into account various BGP attributes that are attached to the route, as well as local decisions.

• When you are configuring BGP neighbors, you will enable the BGP routing protocol process, establish neighbors, and advertise local routes.

• To ensure that basic BGP configurations are operating correctly, there are a number of Cisco IOS commands to monitor the status of BGP, neighbor connections, and the BGP table, as well as to troubleshoot the most common BGP session startup issues.

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This module presented an overview of BGP, a very robust and scalable routing protocol. The first lesson covered the uses of BGP and its limitations. The second lesson moved to describing the concept of BGP neighbors and the procedures for establishing neighbor sessions. Then, the third lesson listed BGP path attributes and their functionality. The fourth lesson described interdomain route processing. When you had the foundation of a general understanding of BGP, the fifth lesson explained how to configure it. The module ended with a lesson that identified the steps to monitor the operation of BGP and correct basic configuration errors.

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