Advertising Local Networks

This topic explains how BGP advertises local networks.

This topic explains how BGP advertises local networks.

The BGP routing process can inject new routes into the BGP table. A router will propagate newly injected routes to neighboring BGP peers if it selects them as best, giving neighboring autonomous systems information about networks that are reachable in the local AS. This process is called advertising, originating, or announcing local routes.

The BGP process can inject local routes in two different ways:

■ A list of networks is configured on the router under the BGP router process using the network configuration command. The networks listed are candidates for being injected. Networks are injected only if they appear in the routing table. In the case where the IGP that is used within the AS finds a valid path to them, the routes will be in the routing table.

■ Routes that are learned by another routing protocol are redistributed. The IGP that is used with the AS can also act as a source of routing information about local networks.

1-54 Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers (BGP) v3.2

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