There is an original modemcap entry problem

To troubleshoot modem autoconfiguration, consider the following conditions and solutions: Modem not responding

— Is the modem power supply connected and turned on?

— Is the power-up configuration set to factory default?

— Can you connect using reverse Telnet?

— Do you have dial tone at the phone jack? Modem not recognized by modem autoconfigure discovery

— Use the show line command to verify the modem configuration that the line is using.

— Check to see if the Cisco router recognizes the modem.

— Use the modem autoconfigure type modem-name command.

Note Use the show modemcap command to verify modemcap support for this modem.

Original modemcap entry problem

— If you configured your own modemcap entry, and reconfiguration appears to function, verify that the DTR attribute is not set to &D3.

Remember that you can also check the manual supplied by the modem manufacturer.

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