* The Cisco Secure ACS is a high-performance, highly scalable, centralized user access control framework.

* The Cisco Secure ACS incorporates a multiuser, Web-based Java configuration and management tool.

* The major components of Cisco Secure TACACS+ are the AAA server, the AAA client, and the user database.

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Use the practice items here to review what you learned in this lesson. The correct answers are found in the Quiz Answer Key.

Q1) Which services can be used with the Cisco Secure ACS?

A) encryption

B) hashing

C) authentication

Q2) Which security features can be implemented on a Cisco router?

B) access lists

D) all of the above

Q3) Which of the following is NOT a feature of the Cisco Secure ACS?

A) AAA server

B) GUI interface

C) token card server

D) firewall function

Q4) Which is the strongest method used to authenticate users dialing in and to prevent unauthorized users from accessing proprietary information?

A) password verification

B) encryption

C) token cards

D) hashing

Q5) The three components of the Cisco Secure ACS are the AAA server, AAA client, and

A) modems

B) user database

C) Visual Basic

D) firewall packet inspection

Q6) Either a Netscape or a Microsoft Windows browser may be used as the Cisco Secure ACS GUI.

A) true

B) false

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