* The callback feature can be used to control access and toll costs between hosts.

* PPP callback is an LCP option used over dialup links.

* The asynchronous callback feature supports EXEC and PPP.

* Cisco routers can also maximize performance using data compression, which enables higher data throughput across the link.

* To verify compression, use the show compress command in privileged EXEC mode.

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Use the practice items here to review what you learned in this lesson. The correct answers are found in the Quiz Answer Key.

Q1) Which LCP option feature does a Cisco router use over dialup links?

A) PAP callback

B) NCP callback

C) PPP callback

D) LCP callback

Q2) Which of the following session types is supported by the asynchronous callback feature?

A) EXEC, PPP, and ARA Protocol

Q3) Which party initiates the call in the PPP callback process?

A) callback server

B) callback client

C) caller ID

D) three-way calling service

Q4) Which interface command allows the router to initiate a callback to a remote node when the remote node is capable of putting itself in an answer mode for callback?

A) callback forced-wait seconds

B) ppp callback initiate

C) ppp callback accept

D) script callback script-name

Q5) Which command configures the router interface as the PPP callback client?



authentication pap



dialer map id



callback request



authentication chap

Q6) Which command is used to disconnect calls that are not properly configured for PPP callback?

A) dialer map

B) dialer callback-secure

C) dialer group

D) dialer hold

Q7) Which of the Cisco compression algorithms determines whether the data is already compressed before sending the compressed data?


B) Predictor

C) Stacker

D) TCP header compression

Q8) When TCP header compression is enabled on both sides of the router, which headers are compressed?

A) UDP headers

B) TCP headers

C) PPC headers

D) STA headers

Q9) Which command is used in privileged EXEC mode to view compression statistics to

verify compression?


show stacker


show predictor


show MPPC


show compress

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