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* Circuit-switched ISDN connections use Link Access Procedure on the D channel for BRI signaling and use T1/E1 facilities for PRI connections.

* Packet-switched connections establish virtual circuits using packet headers to identify network destinations.

* Broadband allows increased bandwidth and new services such as VPN while using existing infrastructure via DSL or cable modem.

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Use the practice items here to review what you learned in this lesson. The correct answers are found in the Quiz Answer Key.

Q1) Which major WAN connection characteristic includes consideration of the elapsed connection time?

A) data rate

B) termination

C) transmission media

D) connection duration

Q2) Dedicated lines are also known as_?

A) honor lines

B) committed lines

C) leased lines

D) agreed lines

Q3) Which type of router interface port is used to make dedicated permanent connections?

A) Ethernet ports

B) synchronous serial ports

C) console ports

D) ISDN BRI B channels

Q4) Which of the following conditions is appropriate for asynchronous serial connections?

A) Your network would use them as its primary WAN connections for sending huge amounts of data traffic.

B) Your network needs a very reliable high-speed connection.

C) Your network is a small remote site and does not require a high-speed WAN connection.

D) Your network has five users and they send large files to a central site that is located more than 35 miles away.

Q5) Which of the following is considered an on-demand connection?

A) 100-Mbps LAN connection

B) broadband connection

C) T1 synchronous serial connection

D) ISDN BRI connection

Q6) What physical connection is used for high-speed ISDN access in the United States?

A) a 23B + 1D channelized T1 line

B) a 2B + 1D channelized BRI

C) a 30B + 1D channelized E1 line

D) an ISDN network terminal adapter

Q7) What form does the transmission of data take in packet switching?

A) indices

B) time slices

C) bit streams

D) small units

Q8) What is the most common problem a remote user typically encounters in obtaining broadband access service?

A) lack of area coverage by broadband providers

B) large initial connection fee charged by broadband providers

C) high cost of connections compared to other dedicated WAN services

D) reduced bandwidth compared to on-demand WAN services

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