* Each WAN connection uses an encapsulation protocol to encapsulate traffic while it is crossing the WAN link.

* PPP is an international standard encapsulation used for asynchronous serial, ISDN, synchronous serial, and broadband connections.

* Frame Relay is an industry-standard data-link layer protocol commonly used in packet-switched networks.

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Use the practice items here to review what you learned in this lesson. The correct answers are found in the Quiz Answer Key.

Q1) What is the fixed length of an ATM cell?

A) 128 bytes

B) 56 bytes

C) 53 bytes

D) 64 bytes

Q2) Which component does PPP use to negotiate and set up control options on the WAN data link?


Q3) In Frame Relay, what is a DLCI?

A) data-link control identifier

B) data-level control identifier

C) data-link connection identifier

D) data-level connection identifier

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