Specify a dialer poolmember

NOTE: DSL only runs between the CPE and the DSLAM.

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Use the pvc interface configuration command with the VPI/VCI to set the VPI/VCI that is used by the DSL service provider, as shown in the table here. Settings for the VPI/VCI value on the Cisco 827 router must match the DSLAM of the service provider switch configuration. ATM uses the VPI/VCI to identify an ATM VC.

pvc Commands




Virtual path identifier from service provider


Virtual circuit identifier from service provider

The encapsulation method must correspond with that configured on the aggregation router. The table here shows encapsulation commands.

Use the dialer pool-member command to specify which dialer interfaces may use the ATM physical interface on the Cisco router.

Encapsulation Commands



encapsulation aal5mux ppp dialer

Sets the encapsulation for PPPoA, which uses ATM adaptation layer 5 (AAL5) in the mux mode

dialer pool-member

Links the ATM interface to a dialer interface

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