Use the practice items here to review what you have learned in this lesson. The correct answers follow in the Quiz Answer Key.

Q1) When configuring DSL on a Cisco router, where does the information for the correct VCI/VPI come from?

A) the DSL service provider

B) the DSL modem manufacturer

C) the local electronics retail store

D) can be any number that is locally assigned by the customer

Q2) Which Cisco router command is used to permit the DSL router to determine modulation automatically?

A) dsl modulation auto

B) dsl operating-mode auto

B) dsl hub-type auto

C) dsl dmt-type auto

Q3) Which ATM interface configuration command is used to set the encapsulation method to PPPoA?

A) encapsulation aal5mux ppp dialer

B) encapsulation ppp

C) encapsulation pppoa

D) encapsulation aal5 dialer pool-member 1

Q4) Which dialer interface configuration command is used to stop CDP advertisements on a Cisco router?

B) no cdp enable

D) cdp disable

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