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ip address lû.D.0.1 Z&5.0.0.D ip nat insiÀe interface CialerO

±p addrc£ c —^g.ziti—itczl ip nr-t outai da encapsulation ppp dialar pad 1

rm cdp enable-

EW ahqp pa&SHOfd T 15110Z1F07 2 5

i ip net ins id« 30ui=* list 101 intsrfa;a DialsrD overload acceee-lifit 101 permit ip 10.0,0, C 0.25^,255,255 any

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The figure illustrates a sample PAT configuration on the Cisco 827 router. The access list will match any source address in the network.

In this example, the Dialer0 interface is the outside interface, and the Ethernet0 interface is the inside interface.

The 10.x.x.x source addresses will be translated using PAT to the Dialer0 IP address. The Dialer0 interface receives its IP address from the service provider aggregation router using IPCP.

DHCP to Scale DSL

This topic describes how to scale DSL.

Configure a DHCP Server

Router(config)#ip dhcp pool [pool name]

* Enable a DHCP pool for use by hosts

Router(dhcp-config)#import all

* Import DNS and WINS information from IPCP

Router(dhcp-config)#network [network address][subnet mask]

* Specify the network and subnet mask of the pool

Router(dhcp-config)#default-router [host address]

* Specify the default router for the pool to use

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The Cisco IOS DHCP Server feature is a full implementation that assigns and manages IP addresses from specified address pools within the router to DHCP clients. After a DHCP client has booted, the client begins sending packets to its default router. The IP address of the default router should be on the same subnet as the client.

The Cisco IOS DHCP Server was enhanced to allow configuration information to be updated automatically. Network administrators can configure one or more centralized DHCP servers to update specific DHCP options within the DHCP pools. The remote servers can request or "import" these option parameters from the centralized servers.

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