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Cisco Remote Access Solutions

■ Interfaces: Fixed Interface

■ Interfaces: Modular Interface

■ Network Cabling and Assembly

■ Verification of Network Installation

■ Verification of Branch Office Installation

■ Verification of SOHO Installation

■ Products with Cisco Product Selection Tools Summary

Cisco Remote Access Solutions

This topic describes Cisco devices and their possible use.

Cisco Remote Access Solutions


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Cisco Systems offers access servers, routers, and other equipment that allows connection to the WAN service. The figure highlights some of the products that are best suited for various company sites.

The Cisco 800 Series routers are the lowest-priced Cisco routers, using a nonmodular fixed configuration, but based on Cisco IOS software. The Cisco 800 Series access routers provide big-business networking benefits to small offices and corporate telecommuters. The Cisco 800 Series offers secure, manageable, high-performance solutions for Internet and corporate LAN access.

The Cisco 1600 Series routers have a slot that accepts a WAN interface card (WIC). These cards are shared with the Cisco 1700, 2600, and 3600 Series routers and will be shared in future modular branch office products.

The Cisco 1700 Series access routers deliver optimized security, integration, and flexibility in a desktop form factor for small and medium-size businesses and small branch offices that want to deploy Internet/intranet access or VPNs. The Cisco 1721 access router features two modular WAN slots that support WICs (as is common in other 1600, 2600, and 3600 Series access routers) and an autosensing 10/100-Mbps Fast Ethernet LAN port to provide investment protection and flexibility for growth.

The Cisco 2600 Series routers feature single or dual fixed LAN interfaces. A network module slot and two WIC slots are available for WAN connections.

The Cisco 3700 Series multiservice access routers also offer an integrated solution for dialup and permanent connectivity over asynchronous, synchronous, and ISDN lines. Up to four network module slots are available for LAN and WAN requirements.

The Cisco 7200 Series routers are also very high-performance, modular, central-site routers that support a variety of LAN and WAN technologies. The Cisco 7200 Series is targeted at large regional offices that require high-density solutions.

The table highlights some of the features and WAN options for each series of routers.

Cisco Routers


800 Series

ISDN BRI, serial connections, basic telephone service ports, broadband port, entry-level Cisco IOS software

1600 Series

ISDN BRI, one WIC slot

1700 Series

Two WIC slots

2600 Series

Various fixed LAN interface configurations, one network module slot, two WIC slots

3700 Series

Two slots (the 3725) or four slots (the 3745)

AS5000 Series

Access server with multiple T1/E1 ISDN PRI and modem capabilities

7200 Series

Supports a wide range of WAN services, with the high port density necessary for a scalable enterprise WAN

Note A "power branch" is a branch office that offers enhanced capabilities, such as those included in the Cisco 3700 Series routers. Because of their expandability, the Cisco 3700 Series routers are common today in branch offices. Refer to Cisco.com for the most up-to-date information on Cisco equipment.

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