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For the associated lab exercise, refer to the following section of the course Lab Guide: ■ Lab 1-1: Using the BCRAN Lab Equipment


Use the practice items here to review what you learned in this lesson. The correct answers are found in the Quiz Answer Key.

Q1) Which of these Cisco routers can offer the highest port density?

A) Cisco 1700 Series

B) Cisco 7200 Series

C) Cisco 2600 Series

D) Cisco 3600 Series

Q2) Which of these router interfaces support the Frame Relay connection?

A) synchronous serial

B) Ethernet

D) asynchronous serial

Q3) What is an advantage of a fixed-configuration router?

A) You can purchase additional interfaces to expand this router.

B) You receive the router with the interfaces you requested.

C) You will be able to change the configuration in the future when your needs change.

D) Your fixed-configuration router can easily be upgraded in the future.

Q4) Asynchronous modem connections require which of these cables?

A) RJ-11 cable

B) RJ-45 cable

C) DB-15 cable

D) fiber-optic cable

Q5) How many indicator LEDs does each Ethernet port typically have?

Q6) Which indicator LED on a router typically indicates that the router is turned on?

A) The green system POWER LED


C) The green system OK LED

D) A flashing yellow LAN COLLISION LED

Q7) What does it typically mean when the CH1 RXD indicator LED is orange and blinking?

A) the connection has a problem

B) packets are being received from the first ISDN B channel

C) packets are being received from the second ISDN B channel

D) packets are being received from the third ISDN B channel

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