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For the associated lab exercise, refer to the following section of the course Lab Guide:

■ Lab Exercise 4-1: E-Lab: Simulation for Configuring a Cisco 827 Router for NAT with PPPoA


Use the practice items here to review what you learned in this lesson. The correct answers are found in the Quiz Answer Key.

Q1) If the CD LED on the front panel of the Cisco 827 router is off at which layer should you being troubleshooting?

A) Layer 1

B) Layer 2

C) Layer 3

D) Layer 4

Q2) The Cisco 827 router uses which type of standard cable?

A) crossover

Q3) Routers in the Cisco 800 Series all use the same power supply.

A) true

B) false

Q4) When configuring operating mode autodetection, the router should be in which mode?

C) configure terminal

Q5) Which command is used to determine the VPI/VCI that the DSLAM expects?

A) show interface

B) debug atm events

C) show vlan

Q6) Use the show int atm0 command to check which type of packets?

A) input and output

B) input only

C) output only

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