Modemcap database management

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Modem autoconfiguration facilitates the configuration of modems on routers. To set up a modem using modem autoconfiguration, connect the phone line and power cable to the modem, and use the modem autoconfigure command on the line with the modem. No other setup function is required for most modems.

You can use the modem autoconfiguration feature when you want to:

Configure a modem without sending modem configuration commands directly to the modem

■ Use the asynchronous interface to autodiscover the modem type

To better understand modem autoconfiguration, consider its properties and characteristics: Automatic modem configuration: You can configure a line to use a specified modem typeModem autodiscovery: You can configure a line to automatically attempt to discover the type of modem on the line and to use that modem configuration.

■ Modem capability database (modemcap file in Cisco IOS software): A modemcap is a database of modems and their modem configuration command strings.

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