Modem Initialization Strings

This topic describes modem initialization strings for proper modem operation.

Modem Initialization Strings

U.S. Robotics (USR) Courier

at&fs0=1 &c1 &d3&h1&r2&b1&m4&k1 &w

Hayes Optima/Accura

at&fs0=1 &c1 &d2&k3&q9&w

Microcom QX4232 series

at&fs0=1 &c1 &d2\q3\j0\n6%c1 &w

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BCRAN v2.1—2-10

Initialization strings are used to send commands to modems before they dial out. The figure displays some examples of modem initialization strings.

Command strings differ from vendor to vendor, model to model, and even from one firmware version to another. Always refer to the user manual from your modem vendor for the proper modem commands to use.

Note A good exercise is to decode the initialization strings in the figure to see exactly what is and what is not turned on, and to see how the command strings differ from vendor to vendor.

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