Displays queuing status on all interfaces

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Use the show queueing command to display detailed queuing information about all interfaces where fair queuing is enabled.

In this example, serialO is enabled with WFQ.

You can also use the show interfaces command to display queuing information for the interfaces of the router.

Note The word "queuing" is spelled "queueing" in the commands.


S^nr l w-po 11 ry output •■ C5WFC- bra nein Class-map: jLS- 13 " -r 6 {mateh -a 11)

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Ojtp-jt Q'jcuc: Ccftversation Bandwidth 8 ithEfll BmLBjt 200 [Bvtael (pits jmatc tied/by tea matched; 390/2(5»

UlaEö-mapj class-default (match-any)

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