Displays LMI debug information

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The debug frame-relay lmi command allows you to verify and troubleshoot the Frame Relay connection.

The "(out)" status field is an LMI status inquiry sent by the router. The "(in)" status is a reply by the Frame Relay switch.

The "type 1" field is a keepalive message sent by the router to the Frame Relay switch approximately every 10 seconds. The purpose of the keepalive message is to verify that the Frame Relay switch is still active.

The "type 0" field represents a full LMI status message sent every 60 seconds. The "dlci 130, status 0x2" field indicates that the status of DLCI 130 is active. The most common values of the status field are as follows:

■ 0x0: Added/inactive. The switch has this DLCI programmed but for some reason (such as the other end of this PVC is down) it is not usable.

■ 0x2: Added/active. The Frame Relay switch has the DLCI and everything is operational. You can start sending traffic with this DLCI in the header.

■ 0x4: Deleted. The Frame Relay switch does not have this DLCI programmed for the router. However, it was programmed at some point in the past. This could also be caused by the DLCIs being reversed on the router, or by the PVC being deleted by the telco in the Frame Relay cloud.

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