Dialer Profiles Configuration Example

ip iirjr.i.iiJif:rfí1 1 rjcTpdirtiiiil ervsapsulatlofi ppp dialer mrnt-Mjim SúUtaiñ

dialer pool 1

dialer string S5S1Î12

Minier ijroT^T» 1 ppp multi.1 -—file hactiiy daLiy & 13

ÏTit&Tfacs diaL&il if. unnumbered locpbackO

[aUidpí ui.il.ifjfL pfjp intsLisoE sariill ijp ijiuuiiitjùiiiii irtíplHf.KI tactic íx^exfrjcí dialer! Íj^liv BID

dialer rTerr.Dte—nrjnrí RjcjTjt~=B

:ÜAl^<i: püül J. dialer s-ring S5S1234 disiez-group 1

ppp ffluHti link (cent.)

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The dialer interfaces are visible to the upper-layer protocols only, not to the physical interfaces making up the dialing pool. Because one dialer interface maps to one destination, addressing, access lists, and static routes can be specified on a per-destination basis, regardless of which interface actually carries out the call.

Dialer commands can be configured under the dialer interface directly. The same command may appear more than once, possibly with different parameters. The order of precedence is as follows (from highest to lowest):

Map class parameters

Interface parameters

Note Refer to the "Configuring Dialer Interfaces" figure earlier in this lesson for examples of the use and syntax for the map-class command.

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