Dialer Profile Configuration Concepts and Commands

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The configuration commands that create the relationships between the elements of a dialer profile are displayed in the figure. The commands and the configuration mode in which they are used are described in the following table.

Dialer Profile Configuration Commands



dialer string number class map class-name

A dialer interface command that specifies the telephone number of the destination. The use of the optional keyword class, followed by the map class name, points to a specific map class and uses the configuration commands of that map class in the call.

dialer pool number

A dialer interface command that specifies the pool of physical interfaces available to reach the destination subnetwork. A number between 1 and 255 identifies the pool.

dialer pool-member number

An interface configuration command that associates and places a physical interface in a specifically numbered pool. A physical interface can belong to multiple dialer pools. Contention for a specific physical interface is resolved with a configured priority, which is optional.

Note When you use the dialer pool command to configure a dialer interface, you create a dialer profile. You must use the dialer string command to allow the router to dial out.

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