Determining the Appropriate Interfaces Fixed Interfaces

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The router that you select for your WAN connection must offer the interfaces that will support your WAN connection.

Typical interfaces that are found on a Cisco router (along with the typical WAN connections) support the following:

■ Asynchronous serial: Used with a modem, supports asynchronous dialup connections

■ Synchronous serial: Supports connections such as leased lines and Frame Relay

■ Ethernet: Supports Broadband connections

■ BRI: Supports ISDN BRI connections

■ Channelized T1 or E1 : Supports connections such as leased lines, dialup, ISDN PRI, and Frame Relay

Fixed-configuration routers are available with predetermined fixed LAN and WAN interface options. Fixed-configuration routers do not require additional WICs or network modules. However, after they are purchased, the interfaces available are limited to only those that were factory installed.

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