Defining Interesting Traffic

Router(config)#dialer-list dialer-group-number protocol protocol-name {permit | deny |list access-list-number}

Defines interesting packets for DDR Associated with the dialer group assigned to the interface

Router(config-if)#dialer-group group-number

* Assigns an interface to the dialer access group specified in the dialer-list command

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The dialer-list command is used to configure dial-on-demand calls that will initiate a connection. The simple form of the command specifies whether a whole protocol suite, such as IP or Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX), will be permitted or denied to trigger a call. The more complex form references an access list that allows finer control of the interesting traffic definition for a given protocol. A dialer list can contain multiple entries to define multiple protocol types as interesting.

The dialer-group interface command applies the dialer list specifications to an interface. Only one dialer list can be applied to an interface at a time.

The dialer-list and dialer-group command syntax is described in the table.

dialer-list and dialer-group Commands



dialer-list dialer-group-number protocol protocol-name {permit | deny | list access-list-number | access-group}

Defines a DDR dialer list to control dialing by protocol or by a combination of protocol and access list.


Number of a dialer access group identified in any dialer-group interface configuration command.


One of the following protocol keywords: appletalk, bridge, clns, clns_es, clns_is, decnet, decnet_router-L1, decnet_router-L2, decnet_node, ip, ipx, vines, or xns.

dialer-group group-number

Configures an interface to belong to a specific dialer group. The dialer group points to a dialer list.


Number of the dialer access group to which the specific interface belongs. This access group is defined with the dialer-list command, which specifies interesting traffic that initiates a DDR call. Acceptable values are nonzero, positive integers from 1 to 10.

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