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Use the commands in the table for PPPoE DSL dialer configuration.

Dialer Commands for DSL



ip address negotiated

Enables a dynamic address from the service provider using IPCP. With IPCP, DSL routers automatically negotiate a globally unique (registered or public) IP address for the dialer interface from the service provider aggregation router.

encapsulation ppp

Specifies PPP encapsulation for the dialer interface.

dialer pool number

Specifies to which pool the dialer interface is assigned.

no cdp enable

Stops Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) advertisements from going out the dialer interface.

ip mtu 1492

Reduces the maximum Ethernet payload size from 1500 to 1492. (PPPoE header requires 8 bytes).

dialer-group number

Configures the dialer group number that will correspond with a dialer list to identify interesting traffic.

Note Unlike ISDN DDR configuration, DSL is always on. Therefore, a dialer list is not required to identify interesting traffic.

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