Configuring a Backup Dialer Profile

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A dialer interface can be configured as the logical intermediary between one or more physical interfaces. Another physical interface that is configured to belong to a dialer pool can also be used as the backup interface.

Perform these steps to configure a dialer interface and a specific physical interface to function as a backup to other physical interfaces:

Step 1 Create and configure a dialer interface as described in Module 7, "Using DDR Enhancements."

This table reviews how to configure a dialer interface.

Review of Commands for Configuring a Dialer Interface



interface dialer number

Creates a dialer interface

ip unnumbered loopbackO

Specifies an IP address for your dialer interface

encapsulation ppp

Specifies PPP encapsulation

dialer remote-name name

Specifies the CHAP authentication name of the remote router

dialer string string

Specifies the remote destination to call

dialer pool number

Specifies the dialer pool to use for calls to this destination

dialer-group number

Assigns the dialer interface to a dialer group

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