AT commands for a specific modem

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The show modemcap command displays the modems in the modemcap database. In addition, with the modem type specified, the command shows a complete list of the specified modem modemcap entry that includes these fields:

Command description

Command abbreviation (with colon separator) Command string

The figure shows the AT command string attributes and their values for the Codex 3260 modem.

The default modem type has modemcap values for a few of the most common attributes. It does not contain strings for attributes that vary widely by modem type, such as locking speeds, setting hardware flow control, or dealing with compression and error correction.

You can use the modemcap entry modem-name command or the show modemcap modemname command to see the contents of a modem modemcap entry. The modemcap entry modem-name command displays modemcap values in a truncated form.

You can also create variant modemcap entries to add new modems or extend the functionality of a modem in the modemcap database. How these entries are created is discussed in subsequent topics in this lesson.

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