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EZ Battery Reconditioning Method

EZ Battery Reconditioning is a program that teach users how to bring back to life their dead batteries of all kinds. The program is authored by Tom Ericson, previously an employee of golf cart enterprise. He learnt the strategies of converting old batteries to the level of brand new ones and want to share. The program is workable for many types of batteries such as phone batteries, rechargeable batteries, laptop batteries, alternative energy batteries, AA batteries, AAA batteries, solar system batteries, and wind system batteries among many others. Apart from providing you with written instructions, the program also offer photos, diagrams and videos that make the entire process easy to comprehend. In addition to the reconditioning guide, you will also be availed with information on how you can get old batteries for free. You can then apply the strategies covered in the guide to recondition them freely. Reviving batteries save money. Better still, you can sell these batteries for profits. Evidently, this program can help you in a significant way. Give it a try and you will never regret. Continue reading...

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Author: Tom Ericson
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My EZ Battery Reconditioning Method Review

Highly Recommended

It is pricier than all the other books out there, but it is produced by a true expert and is full of proven practical tips.

This e-book served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

Battery Reconditioning 4 You

This is a step-by-step guide showing the users how to create their own battery. The E-book was created just to explain and help people out of the problem they face because of the lack of good battery. The guide was made to help the users use about 90% of the tools they have at home to create a battery for themselves and their family. It is a unique concept that can be used in every home. It was created in such a way that it would be a quick fix for their battery problem. In other words, when the users purchase it during the day, the users will be able to make use of it before night falls. The process is so easy that even a little child can fix it up. It will be their guide in building any type of battery- car battery, cell phone battery, laptop battery, drill battery, solar panel battery. The guide is such that comes at a cheap price and would help in the reduction of the amount the users might have to pay for a new battery due to the number of appliances the users will use in their house. Continue reading...

Battery Reconditioning 4 You Summary

Contents: Ebook
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Price: $47.00

Recondition Battery Guide

This Do It Yourself Recondition Battery Guide consists of 21 chapters that will show you step-by-step how to recondition your battery. When a healthy battery is recharged, this lead sulfate is converted back to lead and sulfuric acid. But in tired battery, the lead sulfate changes to a crystalline form that coats the batterys lead plates reducing its capacity. This process is known as sulfation. It is a common occurrence in lead-acid batteries and a major reason for their failure. The good news is that you can often reverse sulfation utilizing a specialized high-current, pulse that effectively breaks down the crystalline lead sulfate and turns it back into lead and sulfuric acid, thus cleaning the lead plates and restoring charge capacity. So before you throw that battery away, consider battery reconditioning as a way to save it. Continue reading...

Recondition Battery Guide Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Craig Orell
Price: $47.00

Worksheet 1331 Laptop Batteries

In this activity, you will use the Internet, a newspaper, or a local store to gather information and then enter the specifications for a laptop battery onto this worksheet. Instructor Note You may choose another laptop battery to research. The answers here are specific to the IBM T-43. The battery included with the T-43 is a standard 6-Cell Litl Li-Ion 6-Cell Battery Pack (10.8V 4.8AH) P N 92P1089 rechargeable battery. Depending on usage, the IBM 6-Cell battery will operate approximately 4 hours. If you need more battery life you can buy an extended life 9-Cell battery. 2. Shop around, and in the following table list the features and cost for a generic and a(n) IBM T-43 laptop battery.

Adjusting Low Battery Warnings

In Windows XP, you can set the low battery warnings. There are two levels Low Battery Alarm and Critical Battery Alarm. The low battery alarm will warn you that the battery is low. The critical battery alarm will initiate a forced standby, hibernate, or shutdown, as shown in Figure 6-18.

Note There are several power levels defined for VoIP ranging from 40w to 154w depending on the VoIP phone used

To provide highly available power protection, you need either a UPS with a minimum battery life to support 1 hour of operation and a 4-hour response for power system failures or a generator with an onsite service contract. This solution must include UPS or generator backup for all devices associated with the IP telephony network. In addition, consider UPS systems that have autorestart capability and a service contract for 4-hour support response.

UNII3 band currently not allowed in most of Europe

TPC technology has been used in the cellular telephone industry for many years. Setting the transmit power of the access point and the client adapter can be useful to allow for different coverage area sizes and, in the case of the client, to conserve battery life. In devices that have the ability to set power levels, the settings are usually static and independent of each other (access point and clients). With TPC, the client and access point exchange information then the client device dynamically adjusts its transmit power such that it uses only enough energy to maintain association to the access point at a given data rate. The end result is that the client contributes less to adjacent cell interference, allowing for more densely deployed high-performance WLANs. As a secondary benefit, the lower power on the client provides longer battery life less power is used by the radio.

Describe How to Configure Power Settings

One of the most popular features of a laptop is the ability to operate using batteries. This feature allows laptops to operate in locations where AC power is not available or is inconvenient. Advances in power management and battery technology are increasing the time laptop users can remain disconnected from AC power. Current batteries can last from 2 to 10 hours without recharging. Managing the power by configuring the power settings on a laptop is important to ensure that the battery charge is used efficiently. Low-battery warnings

Describe Repairs for Laptops and Portable Devices

When a laptop or portable device begins to malfunction, what should you do The customer can replace some parts of a laptop, typically called Customer-Replaceable Units (CRU). CRUs include such components as the laptop battery and additional RAM. Parts that the customer should not replace are called Field-Replaceable Units (FRU). FRUs include such components as the laptop motherboard, LCD display, and keyboard. In many cases, the device may need to be returned to the place of purchase, a certified service center, or even the manufacturer.

BIOS and the BIOS Setup Program

The standard CMOS setup includes the information for the date, time, floppy drives, hard drives, keyboard, and video card. The advanced chipset is used to fine-tune the hardware setup of the system, such as fine-tuning the processor (including enabling or disabling Hyper-Threading), cache system, memory system, or I O system. The peripherals setup options include onboard floppy disk drives, parallel ports, and serial ports that can be disabled or configured using the BIOS setup program. Power management includes several options to extend the battery life of notebook computers and to conserve power on desktop computers.

In Building Systems

In buildings, WLANs give employees the flexibility to move about freely while staying connected to the network. The number of access points required depends on the size of the building and the desired throughput. Trade-offs must be made between power, battery life, and transmission throughput. Remember that in addition to receiving a signal, the PC must transmit a signal to the nearest AP. In general, the range of a wireless access point (indoor models, anyway) is 100 to 200 feet or so. Wireless transmission causes a significant power drain on a laptop battery.


Bluetooth is a personal-area technology that was named after a king of Denmark, Harald Bluetooth Gormson. It is said that the use of his name is based on his role in unifying Denmark and Norway. Bluetooth technology was intended to unify the telecom and computing industries. Today, Bluetooth can be found integrated into cell phones, PDAs, laptops, desktops, printers, headsets, cameras, and video game consoles. Bluetooth has low power consumption, making it a good choice for mobile, battery-powered devices. As of July 26, 2007, the adopted standard according to the Bluetooth SIG is Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. One of the key features of the 2.1 standard is an improved quick-pairing process, in which you simply hold two devices close together to start the quick-pairing process. Also, a new technology called sniff subrating increases battery life up to five times. Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR is backward-compatible with Bluetooth 1.1.

Power Save Mode

Most radio cards employ an optional 802.11 power-save mode that users can enable. Access points do not implement power-save mode, except for the buffering functions necessary to support power-saving functions of the radio cards. If power-save mode is enabled, the radio card enters sleep mode, which draws much less current than when the card is operating actively. Thus, power-save mode can conserve batteries on mobile devices. In fact, power-save mode often lengthens battery life by 20 to 30 percent. The actual savings, however, depends on the applications and other variables.

Cisco 7985G

The Cisco 7921G phone brings 802.11 wireless and VoIP together. The 7921G wireless IP phone (shown in Figure 2.9) supports 802.11a, b, and g standards to give network users the freedom to roam. This wireless phone has a fairly large (2 inch) display capable of supporting XML-based applications, has a built-in speakerphone, and supports a standby battery life of 200 hours (15.5 hours of talk time).

Select Batteries

How do you know when you need a new laptop battery The signs might not always be apparent, but some are obvious If you experience problems that you suspect are battery-related, exchange the battery with a known good battery that is compatible with the laptop. If a replacement battery cannot be located, take the battery to an authorized repair center for testing. A replacement battery, as shown in Figure 13-4, must meet or exceed the specifications of the laptop manufacturer. New batteries must use the same form factor as the original battery. Voltages, power ratings, and AC adapters must also meet manufacturer specifications. Figure 13-4 Laptop Batteries Always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer when charging a new battery. The laptop can be used during an initial charge, but do not unplug the AC adapter. Ni-Cad and NiMH rechargeable batteries should occasionally be discharged completely to remove the charge memory. When the battery is completely discharged, it...

DIY Battery Repair

DIY Battery Repair

You can now recondition your old batteries at home and bring them back to 100 percent of their working condition. This guide will enable you to revive All NiCd batteries regardless of brand and battery volt. It will give you the required information on how to re-energize and revive your NiCd batteries through the RVD process, charging method and charging guidelines.

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