Verifying the Prefix List Configuration

As always, it is important to check the configuration, especially if it involves the filtering of routes or routing updates. Table 9-4 lists the various show commands available for prefix lists.

To display information about a prefix list or prefix list entries, use the show ip prefix-list exec command:

show ip prefix-list [detail-summary] name [network/len] [seq seq-num] [longer] [first-match ]

Table 9-4 Displaying Prefix Lists—Command Options

Command Description show ip prefix-list [detail I summary] Displays information about all prefix lists, including the hit count, which is the number of times that a match has been found for the criteria in the prefix list. This is very important in troubleshooting for capacity planning and security.

show ip prefix-list [detail I summary] name Displays a table showing the entries in a prefix list identified by name.

show ip prefix-list name [network/len] Displays the filtering associated with the node based on the absolute of the defined prefix.

show ip prefix-list name [seq seq-num] Displays the prefix list entry with a given sequence number.

show ip prefix-list name [network/len] longer Displays all entries of a prefix list that are more specific than the given network and length.

show ip prefix-list name [network/len] first-match Displays the entry of a prefix list that matches the given prefix (network and length of prefix).

NOTE The show commands always include the sequence numbers in their output.

Example 9-3 shows the output of the show ip prefix-list command with details about the prefix list tryout.

Example 9-3 A Sample Output of the show IP prefix-list Command

Router# show ip prefix-list detail tryout ip prefix-list tryout:

Description: tryout-list count: 1, range entries: 0, sequences: 5 - 10, refcount: 3 seq 5 permit (hit count: 0, refcount: 1) seq 10 permit (hit count: 0, refcount: 1)

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