Using OSPF Across Multiple Areas

The topics in this chapter detail the routing protocol OSPF across multiple areas. This chapter assumes your knowledge of the previous chapter, which dealt with OSPF concepts and its configuration in a single area. This chapter builds on this understanding and explains how OSPF works within a large multiarea network. Each of these chapters covers two major sections. The first deals theoretically with how the protocol works. The second covers how to implement and manage an OSPF network. This chapter introduces OSPF areas and explains the operation of the protocol across those areas. Both the network communication that the protocol uses and its configuration are explained in this chapter.

The topics in this chapter will directly reflect questions on the exam. OSPF is the industry-standard interior routing protocol designed for use in large networks. Therefore, it is an obligatory subject in an exam on IP routing protocols. Nine percent of the BSCN course material is devoted to interconnecting multiple OSPF areas, and you can expect approximately four to five questions on the Routing exam to be directly related to this subject.

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