The Features of This Book

After this brief introductory chapter, there are 10 chapters and three appendixes in this book. Each core chapter starts with a "Do I Know This Already?" quiz that allows you to decide how much time you need to devote to studying the subject at hand. Next, the "Foundation Topics" (the core material of the chapter) are presented. This section is the bulk of each chapter. At the end of each chapter, you will find a "Foundation Summary" section that is a collection of tables and quick-reference material that can be used as the last-minute review notes. Also contained in the "Foundation Summary" section of each chapter is a Chapter Glossary, which defines important terms used in the chapter. Reviewing the Chapter Glossary along with the rest of the "Foundation Summary" makes for excellent late-stage exam preparation. Each core chapter also has a "Q&A" section of review questions that test you on the chapter's contents. Finally, each core chapter contains a "Scenarios" section that tests you further on the material at hand.

The appendixes contain materials for your reference. Appendix A contains the answers to each chapter's "Do I Know This Already?" and "Q&A" quizzes. The answers to the "Scenarios" questions can be found at the end of each chapter.

This book is also accompanied by a CD-ROM that offers multiple-choice questions out of the entire book's content. Each question in the CD-ROM refers you to the chapter and section it is drawn from. The CD-ROM also contains a file called "Job Aids and Supplements." This material is taken from the BSCN course itself and provides further reference material on the following topics:

• IP addresses and subnetting

• Addressing review

• Configuration and output examples of the following:

— Route optimization

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