The company Humugos is still waiting for the consultant to configure the network. The requirement is to give each country its own autonomous system number. The countries will be connected via EBGP-4 and will be using leased lines. The autonomous system numbers are private because the connection to the Internet is dealt with by using an Internet service provider at each local site. For the first phase of the switchover, EIGRP is removed from the connections between the countries, and the BGP-4 configuration needs to be synchronized to ensure a smooth transition. The intention is that each country will have the same configuration to ease management and troubleshooting.

1 Using the diagram in Figure 8-13 as a reference, issue the commands that need to be configured at each country or autonomous system.

Figure 8-13 Diagram for Scenario 8-1

Figure 8-13 Diagram for Scenario 8-1

NOTE Figure 8-13 has been simplified and does not contain the 250 autonomous systems as the case study suggests.

2 The BGP-4 network is a full-mesh network. Are there going to be any scaling problems ensuing from this?

3 What commands would indicate that there was a problem of scaling?

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