Scenario 72 Answers

1 How much bandwidth has each circuit been allocated? Why was this value chosen by the administrator?

Because a maximum of 256 kbps is available, you cannot allow any individual PVC to handle more than 25 kbps (256/10). Note that EIGRP will not use more than 22.5 kbps (90 percent of 25 kbps) on this interface, even though its capacity is 56 kbps. This configuration will not affect user data capacity, which will still be able to use the entire 56 kbps.

2 What bandwidth utilization is available to EIGRP? Why was this value chosen by the administrator?

Because this data rate is low, and because you don't expect very much user data traffic, you can allow EIGRP to use up to 90 percent of the bandwidth.

3 If Router A died, what would the effect be on the network?

If Router A died, there would be no communication between the routers in the WAN because Router A is the hub. Each site would function, but they all would be isolated from each other. The neighbor tables would fail to hear the hellos from the other routers connecting to the WAN and would time out all routes that they had heard from these routers. The topology table would be updated, and the routers would send updates to all their other neighbors.

4 Is summarization possible only on the routers entering the WAN cloud, or is it possible on the networks not shown in the figure, but on the other side of the routers? Give reasons for your answers.

Summarization is possible on all interfaces in EIGRP, as long as the addressing scheme allows for it to be implemented. This is one of the major advantages of EIGRP over OSPF. OSPF can summarize only at Area Boundary Routers (ABRs).

This chapter covers the following topics that you will need to master to pass the CCNP/ CCDP Routing exam:

• The features and operation of BGP-4

• When not to use BGP-4 and the alternatives available

• How BGP-4 achieves policy-based routing within the autonomous system

• The BGP-4 peering functions

• The BGP-4 communities and peer groups

• How to configure internal BGP-4 and external BGP-4

• BGP-4 synchronization

• How to verify and troubleshoot the BGP-4 network

• Cisco commands for implementing BGP-4 and Cisco commands for reviewing the configuration.

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