Scenario 113 Answers

1 Create a transition plan, showing how the final design will be implemented. Figure 11-4 shows the answer to this question. Figure 11-4 Answer Diagram for Scenario 11-3, Question 1

In Figure 11-4, the transition would start at the core and move down to the distribution layer routers. The first move would be to place EIGRP in the Frame Relay cloud to alleviate the network overhead. After this is operational, the second phase would be to implement EIGRP in the FDDI ring because there are no end stations on the ring that require IPX RIP/SAP.

2 If the transition plan requires redistribution, indicate these points on the diagram and provide the configuration commands.

The configuration commands that provide for the redistribution between the different routing protocols are as follows:

Router(config)# router rip Router(config-router)#network Router(config-router)#passive int E0 Router(config-router)#redistribute eigrp 100 Router(config-router)# default-metric 3 Router(config)# router eigrp 100 Router(config-router)#network Router(config-router)#passive int E1 Router(config-router)#passive int Token 0 Router(config-router)#redistribute rip

Router(config-router)# default-metric 10000 100 255 1 1500

3 The company has also decided to connect to the Internet using Enhanced IGRP, which the ISP providing the Internet connectivity has agreed upon. Is any redistribution required? Give reasons for your answers.

If the ISP is in the same autonomous system as the company, no redistribution is required between the company and the ISP. Within the ISP domain, however, it is likely that the router connecting to the company in question is the only router that is a part of the autonomous system of the company. This is for security reasons. Therefore, some form of redistribution probably will be required in the ISP domain.

4 Explain the neighbors that you see on the LAN segment and the path selection on Router B.

The neighbors that are seen on the LAN segment are all the routers that share the physical medium. Router B chose the path as a successor because it provided the shortest path to the networks stated.

5 Create a diagram that shows the final network design, with configuration commands for Enhanced IGRP.

Figure 11-5 shows the answer.

In Figure 11-5, ip summary-address may be configured where appropriate at the distribution layer (the routers entering the Frame Relay cloud).

Figure 11-5 Answer Diagram to Scenario 11-3, Question 5

Figure 11-5 Answer Diagram to Scenario 11-3, Question 5

6 Write out the configuration commands for Router B.

The configuration commands for Router B are as follows:

Router(config)#router eigrp 100 Router(config-router)#network Router(config-router)#no auto-summary

Router(config-router)#ip summary-address

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