Scenario 102

The Hospital Duddleduddle still needs to implement a routing policy using route maps. This is to ensure the optimum use of bandwidth. The x-ray department requires an enormous amount of bandwidth when transferring MMR images to the centralized database.

Using Figure 10-20 and given the criteria within the questions, configure the route maps on Router B.

1 The hospital policy states that the FTP traffic from the x-ray department ( should be forwarded to the Biggun Server at and that it should be sent across the leased line, which is a T1 connection. What would the configuration look like?

2 The Telnet sessions and e-mail connections should be sent across the Frame Relay link. This traffic is from the same department ( and is connecting to the same server. What would the configuration look like?

3 What commands would you use to verify that the policy routing is configured correctly and operating normally?

Figure 10-20 Route Maps Example for Scenario 10-2

Biggun server

leased line

leased line

X-ray Admin X-ray server server machine

Router A has a policy that FTP traffic from Router A to the Biggun server should go across the T1 while e-mail and Telnet journey through Frame Relay.

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