Problems of Configuring Multiple Routing Protocols

The problems experienced as a result of multiple routing processes and their redistribution include the following:

• The wrong or a less efficient routing decision being made because of the difference in routing metrics. The choice of the less efficient route is referred to as choosing the suboptimal path.

• A routing loop occurring, in which the data traffic is sent in a circle without ever arriving at the destination. This is normally due to routing feedback, where routers send routing information received from one autonomous system back into that same autonomous system.

• The convergence time of the network increasing because of the different technologies involved. If the routing protocols converge at different rates, this may also cause problems. In some cases, this may result in timeouts and the temporary loss of networks.

Dealing with each of these problems in turn, the selection of the suboptimal path may occur because of the method used to make a routing decision.

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