Path Selection Between Routing Protocols

Clearly there are many IP routing protocols from which to choose. It is better if a single routing protocol can be chosen because this gives a consistency that relates directly to the strength of the network. It complicates the network to have more than a single routing protocol attempting to perform the same job. The routing table, in particular, sometimes deals with confusion in how to select one path to place into the routing table.

When more than one routing protocol is running on the router, the routing process must make a decision to have one entry per network in the routing table. The choice cannot be based on the metric because metrics differ between protocols. Instead, another method, called administrative distance, was devised to solve the problem.

NOTE When it is necessary to have more than one routing protocol within an organization, redistribution is configured. However, the router that is responsible for redistribution will have more than one routing protocol informing the routing table.

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