Ive Taken BSCNNow What

Well, first let me say that you've taken the best path to prepare yourself! However, let me temper that with the fact that if you retain more than 50 percent of what you heard in class, then you are an extraordinary person! That said, in my opinion, you need to follow these strategies:

• Strategy 1—Use this book exactly as described in the opening pages of Chapters 2 through 10. Each of the core chapters begins with a quiz that helps you assess what you need to study. It then directs you to the appropriate sections in the chapter rather than requiring you to read the entirety of each chapter.

• Strategy 2—Use the directions at the beginning of Chapter 11 to direct your final study before the exam. Chapter 11 is designed to review many concepts; in addition, it outlines a good process for study in the days leading up to your exam.

By using these strategies, you will fill in your gaps in knowledge and will be confident taking your Routing 2.0 exam.

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