IP Network Terminology

Unfortunately, the terminology is vague, and the address provided by the Internet community may be referred to by any of the following terms:

NIC address

• Class address

• Supernet address

• Internet address

• Network address

• Major address

• And others yet unheard

NOTE For the purposes of this book, the term Internet address is used to refer to the unique address of an end device or host.

The next question is why IP is the dominant Layer 3 protocol and why the Internet is so powerful. I shall avoid deep philosophical, sociological, economical, or even political discussions because these will not show up as questions on the exam. It can safely be concluded that the power of the Internet emanates from the fact that every end device can have a unique address within the global network. (Therefore, my PC in San Francisco can find my brother's PC in Tokyo). The power of the Internet comes from its public domain characteristics, with everyone readily accessing the same technology.

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