Goals of This Book

The goals for this book became somewhat obvious to me after considering the exam itself, as well as Cisco's exam philosophy. The first goal came straight from Cisco, who asked that I write a book that not only helps you pass the exam, but that also ensures that you really understand the concepts and implementation details. The second goal of this book is that the content should be the most comprehensive coverage of Routing 2.0 exam-related topics available, without too much coverage of topics not on the exam. The third and ultimate goal is to get you from where you are today to the point that you can confidently pass the Routing 2.0 exam. Therefore, all this book's features, which are outlined in this chapter, are geared toward helping you discover the IP routing topics that are on the Routing exam, where you have a knowledge deficiency in these topics, and what you need to know to master these topics.

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