Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

EIGRP was designed to make efficient use of the available network bandwidth. The routing protocol can be used for IP as well as AppleTalk and IPX. The advantage of EIGRP is that it is incremental, sending updates only when a change in the network is experienced.

EIGRP is particularly efficient in sending network and server information for such client/server products as NetWare for IPX and AppleTalk because it automatically redistributes routing updates into the local protocol updates. EIGRP is proprietary to Cisco and is understood only by other Cisco devices. A powerful use of this technology would be to have EIGRP as the routing protocol between the routers across the WAN and the client/server traffic on the local segments.

It is advisable to use the latest versions of the Cisco IOS when implementing this technology and to ensure that all the devices are running the same version of the protocol. This subject is dealt with in more detail in Chapter 7, "Using EIGRP in Enterprise Networks."

WARNING If possible, all routers should run the same version of IOS because this may make troubleshooting easier.

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