Configuring EIGRP

The commands for EIGRP are consistent with the other IP routing protocols. Although IP routing is on automatically, the chosen routing protocol must be configured and the participating interfaces must be identified.

EIGRP allows for VLSM and, therefore, summarization because the mask is sent in the update packets. Although summarization is automatic, EIGRP summarizes at the NIC or major network boundary. To summarize within the NIC number, it must be manually configured. Unlike OSPF that can only summarize at the Area Border Router (ABR), EIGRP can summarize at any router.

WARNING EIGRP is a new protocol and has evolved over the past few years. It is essential that, in a practical situation, the commands and configuration be researched for the IOS code level that is installed in your network.

This section covers the following:

• Required configuration commands of EIGRP

• Optional configuration commands of EIGRP

• What each configuration command achieves

• An example of how the configuration command achieves its goal

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