Configuring EIGRP for Apple Talk

NOTE This section is included to place EIGRP in context. The exam will test only on topics pertaining to EIGRP using IP. Therefore, this section should be read only for interest and should not be studied in depth in preparation for the Routing exam.

EIGRP also supports the client/server protocol AppleTalk. Conceptually, the use of EIGRP is the same, although the configuration details differ. The main difference in configuration is that, whereas in configuring IP or IPX the autonomous system number must be the same for all routers sharing routing information, with AppleTalk, every router must have a unique process ID.

The configuration details of EIGRP for AppleTalk are beyond the scope of this book. Refer to the Cisco web site and documentation for details and design and configuration guidelines.

Moving Toward IP

In reality, most organizations are porting all their client/server platforms into IP, with the support of the vendors of the client/server products. EIGRP for either IPX or AppleTalk is most powerful when transitioning your organization to IP. If you are using EIGRP, be aware of the fast development of the technology, and ensure compatibility between the IOS versions by researching the Cisco web site.

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