Configuration Notes

There are many things to be aware of in configuring a router that is directing the network traffic. These devices are responsible largely for the end users being able to accomplish their work and return home in the evening to loved ones. When configuring policy routing or route maps, pay very careful attention to the logic and rules by which they operate. Refer to the guidelines for writing access lists in Chapter 2, "Managing Scalable Network Growth."

The following are a couple warnings to illustrate the need to pay attention when configuring anything as powerful as a route map:

• When editing a route map statement with the no version of the existing command line, if you forget to type in the sequence number, you will delete the entire route map,

• When editing a route map statement to add a statement, if you forget to specify the sequence number, the default sequence number will be issued. This is the number 10 and will simply replace the command line with the sequence number 10.

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