Benefits of the Synchronization Rule

The following list gives reasons for the synchronization rule:

• It prevents traffic from being forwarded to unreachable destinations.

• It reduces unnecessary traffic.

• It ensures consistency within the autonomous system.

On some occasions it is useful to turn off synchronization. This is rare, and, as with any default, it is unwise to turn off this option without a detailed understanding of the network. The occasions when it may be useful to turn off synchronization are as follows:

• If all the routers in the autonomous system are running BGP-4.

• If all the routers inside the autonomous system are meshed.

• When the autonomous system is not a transit domain. A transit domain is an autonomous system that is used to carry BGP-4 updates from one autonomous system to another.

Figure 8-4 Internal and External BGP-4

Figure 8-4 Internal and External BGP-4

Figure 8-5 Synchronization Rule and BGP-4

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