Advantages of Having Neighbors

There are obvious advantages to creating neighbor relationships. These advantages include the following:

• There is another mechanism for determining that a router has gone down (obvious because its neighbor no longer sends Hello packets).

• Streamlined communication results because after the topological databases are synchronized, incremental updates will be sent to the neighbors as soon as a change is perceived, as well as every 30 minutes.

• Adjacencies created between neighbors control the distribution of the routing protocol packets.

The use of adjacencies and a neighbor relationship result in a much faster convergence of the network than can be achieved by RIPv1. This is because RIPv1 must wait for incremental updates and holddown timers to expire on each router before the update is sent out. Convergence on a RIPv1 network can take many minutes, and the real problem is the confusion created by the different routing tables held on different routers during this time. This problem can result in routing loops and black holes in the network.

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