Deployment Schedule

A realistic deployment schedule should be included as a part of the pre-deployment plan. Be sure to give realistic estimates of the time it will take to roll out a production NAC deployment. Keep this section brief and high level; detailed deployment schedules for each deployment phase will be included separately in the plan. For this reason, it is sometimes best to complete the detailed schedules before attempting to complete this high-level deployment schedule. The sample time frames below are for example only, and should not be used to judge how long a NAC Appliance deployment takes. In some circumstances, the NAC solution can be set up in a few hours or in a few days—the amount of time you spend in each phase is completely up to you. In some cases, you might even skip some phases in your deployment. Here is a sample high-level deployment schedule with sample time frames.

Deployment Start Date: 6/1/2007

Full Deployment End Date: 9/29/2007

• Testing Phase

• Production Phase 1: Introduction to User Community

• Production Phase 2: Security Checks with No Enforcement

• Production Phase 3: Security Checks with Enforcement

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