Business Drivers for Deployment

To make informed decisions regarding what the goals and scope of the deployment will be, it is important to understand the business drivers and priorities of the project. NAC Appliance has a multitude of features that you could use. The challenge will be in deciding which features you will enable and at what phase they should be tested and implemented. Typically, these feature decisions are based on the business drivers for the project in the first place. This section should include what those business drivers are. To keep the project within scope, be sure to refer to these drivers often. Here are a couple sample business drivers for NAC Appliance:

• Protect the company's intellectual property by ubiquitously denying access to the network until a user successfully passes authentication and authorization. Only those users who are authorized will be allowed access to sensitive information.

• Decrease business-affecting network and PC outages that are caused by security-related incidents such as virus and worm outbreaks.

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